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Client Service Agreement & Terms 

Client Service Agreement and Commitment to Our Business Together for your Project.

Get More Technical Solutions LLC, A Wix “Legend Partner”


Thank you for choosing Get More Technical Solutions for your project! We will architect and design your project to your satisfaction! Each project is unique and has its own character. Please review the terms for each of the services we offer below so you know what to expect. Let us know if you have any special requests and we will ensure to accommodate your needs. We appreciate your business!  

What to Expect

• Websites: Our design process includes building four (4) websites; Desktop for Windows and Mac versions, a Mobile version, and a Tablet version. We begin with the desktop version first. Once you approve the layout and schema we will “size up” the other versions for mobile and tablet viewing. All projects have a three (3) edit allowance, so you can provide your creative flare during the design process and personalize your project to suit your needs and reflect your business perfectly. Hosting fees are separate from the design fee and are incurred monthly or annually payable to your service provider. We will provide training for your new back-office dashboard, with a customized, brief, walkthrough of your new site.

NOTE: The first design of your website is just a draft and base design. It is not your completed website, so don’t be alarmed. We will review the draft design together, and all edits, changes, adds, and removals of the site draft will be made to your liking, suggestions, and requests.

• Graphic Design: We will provide you with the file(s) of your choice for digital or print use. You will own the design. We will purge designs after 6 months unless arranged otherwise. It is your responsibility to keep your design files. Your design will be emailed to you. Let us know if you need the files on an external device. We may request a font file from you. If you do not have the font we will do our best to locate it. Some fonts are free and other fonts are available for purchase. We will invoice you if we have to purchase the font. 

 Videography / Audio: We will provide you with 4K and 1080P files. Editing is not included in the video/audio project fee. 


• Videography Editing: We can record for you or you can provide us with video/audio files, and we will create your project. We will abide by state and federal copyright laws. As a condition of entering into this agreement, we are to be protected against any personal liability, claim, suit, action, loss, or damage resulting from our participation in the Agreement. You will hold harmless and indemnify us against any and all claims related to any project we participate in; including expenses, judgments, fines, settlements, and/or other amounts incurred. 

• Ads / Commercials: We will provide you with still frame or video commercial depending on the service selected an outlined in the invoice for services. We will provide you with the media in the file of your choice. You will own the right to media to share, publish, and distribute at will. The cost to advertise is not included in the Ads/Commercial project fee. The fee for this service represents the design and creation of the media. 

Social Media Profiles: We can create, launch, update, and integrate social media accounts and Google Business accounts to help you become more visible online. A dedicated email can be set up for these accounts. You will maintain ownership of the main email account and the social media profile accounts. If you choose to use an email account that has already been created by you, we may need access to your account and password. There are different options for access depending on the type of account. We never enter your account without your permission. 

SEO / Monthly Services: SEO Lite and SEO are available to drive traffic to your site and social media and to help you become more visible online. SEO Lite will include a review and update of your website. We will identify, use, and apply applicable key words, tagging, back-end update, and introduce website optimization. It is designed to provide a boost. It is not designed as a long-term solution, but it is necessary to begin your SEO journey. Our SEO package requires a minimum three (3) month commitment to statistically review your online performance. Monthly analytics reports will be provided. We will handcraft an SEO program for your specific niche that will drive measurable traffic to your business. We guarantee traffic; We do not guarantee success - Success ultimately relies on your customer care. We can offer Business Consulting to help you achieve best customer service care practices. 

Courses: We will work with you to design the course architecture. You will provide us with the course content. Your course structure will be created. We will integrate your course dashboard with your website and funding/payment accounts. 

Our projects can take between 14-60 days depending on how quickly you provide your content. Remember, this is a partnership! If you do not have content that is no problem! We can create content for you, but it can extend the amount of time required to build your site. We communicate changes via email and content transfer using Dropbox or Google Drive. If you have a timeframe in mind, please let us know.

Once your project is complete Get More Technical Solutions will walk you through the launch process.  We will discuss any hosting or domain plans, subscriptions, and/or additional costs or fees. We will provide updates to you and your site up to fifteen (15) fifteen days after the final invoice. 


We will also collect all remaining balances (including WIX hosting fees and our design fees). If you need additional services we can discuss these too! Ask about our other services


Payments: Payments are made in two increments as a courtesy to you. Your first payment of 50% is due when you hire us. The second and final payment is due within thirty (30) days or upon completion of the project, whichever comes first. The first payment is non-refundable once we have begun setting up your project. 

Cancellation Policy: Payments for Advertisements, Search Engine Optimization, Internet Marketing, and Social Media Optimization services are nonrefundable, and we do not issue pro rata refunds for fees paid in advance. Setup fees are nonrefundable as it is applied to costs immediately incurred by initiating services. Refunds for web hosting are subject to terms. We reserve the right disable and/or terminate an account for non-payment of services. 

What We Need

Now that you know about our process we will need the following:  

Signed Agreement                                                           

Special instructions

Best contact number and email address                         

Google Business Profile Page/Link

Bio for you or your business                                             

Current website link (if applicable)

(Who, What, When, Where, and hours of operation)       

Example site links, professional pages, etc…

Social Media Profile Names and links                              

Photos & Content     

*Send content to email or cloud upload – Please do not text these items.  

By signing below, I agree to the terms and conditions set forth in this service agreement. I understand that my satisfaction is of the utmost importance, and I agree to make timely submissions and responses to aide in the completion of my project. I understand that Get More Technical Solutions, LLC does not guarantee results or increased sales for any business as a result of entering into any agreement with Get More Technical Solutions, LLC. Increased sales, client customer activity, and web/online traffic is subject to client support and business practices.  


I agree to communicate all changes, requests, edits, etc… via dropbox/google drive and/or email to I also understand that my project/design includes three edits. Edit or review meetings in excess of the included three (3) may incur an additional charge for time, travel, and/or service.

Service Agreement & Terms
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Thanks for submitting! We will begin your project soon! You can begin sending your files, photos, and information for your project to  

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